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Seriously: Here’s what you can do with the Tarot: Know the future, solve mysteries, change the future, decide what you want and MANIFEST IT! Find lost objects and people, earn a living reading for others, be a hit at parties, teach it to others, write books on it. Unlike your current career there is no mandatory retirement age for Tarot readers. This is a life-long skill you can make real money from for the rest of your life.

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One week’s tuition ($32)

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I will teach you:

Instruction from The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot EVER!!:

Exercise “1A”: Looking beyond “face value” (practice with a friend)

Easy two-card exercises

Exercise Two: “Me and You”

Exercise Three: “Exactly what do you two have in common anyway?”

Exercise Four: From here to there

Easy three-card exercises

Exercise Five: There and back again

Exercise Six: Birds of a feather

Exercise Seven: Hey! What does THIS card mean? (Aspecting cards)

Exercise Eight: One plus one equals what?

Exercise Nine: One plus one plus one equals what?

Mildly advanced exercises to drive you crazy

Exercise Ten: The never-ending story

Exercise Eleven Something to look at

Basic spreads you will use often:

One-card spreads

Two-card spreads

Three-card spreads

Quick and easy “Yes or No” spreads


“Up or Down Vote”

This or That

The Celtic Cross (“Old Faithful”)

The Roundabout spread

AND instruction from Advanced Tarot Secrets:

**New Exercises**

Hero and Sidekick

Noun, Verb, Adjective

“News You Can Trust”

Call Your Card

“Card at the End of the Day”

Compare and Contrast

Quickie Exercise: “Art versus Art”

Cards in Scenarios

Card in Position

Diana’s Exercise

**New Games**

Friends and Enemies

Ceridwen and Gwion

War (but with Tarot cards)

Who Am I?

 Questions With the Tarot

What Does This Card Mean?

**Advanced Spread Basics**

Why This Celtic Cross Variation?

Spread Protagonists

“Taping Card Meanings Down”

When to Tear Down a Spread

Quick and Easy Ways to Clear Your Deck

Single versus Multiple Significators

What Spread to Use in Any Situation

Dealing Out Cards Face Down

**Advanced Spread Techniques**



Pre-spread Mental Walk-through

Modifying Your Favorite Spread to Fit Your Current Needs

How to verify every spread you cast Spread

Patterns in Spreads

Hidden Spreads Found in Larger Spreads

Four-pass Reading Technique

Wrapping it Up or “Weaving the Story” (pass four)

When to Use Clarification Cards

Expansion Cards

Pecking Order

How to Give a Reading, Step by Step

No-spread Reading Technique

Tarot as a Research Tool

Building Spreads versus Casting Them

Exploratory Spreads

Working With Two Decks

Hybrid Spreads and Their Uses

Fun Things You Can Do With the Tarot

Reading the Distant Past or Future

Remote Viewing

Dowsing With the Tarot

Manifestation With Tarot Cards

Tarot Manifestation

How to Harness the Power of Future Hindsight

Problem Solving With the Tarot

Brainstorming With the Tarot

Tarot Exercises for Authors

and probably some more stuff thrown in as well (I usually do)

One week’s tuition ($32)

(select how many weeks you want to pay for now)

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