In some ways I feel as though I am relatively new to the Tarot, but when I think about what led me to where I am at right now on my spiritual journey, this actually began a very long time ago.

I was first aware of the existence of a Higher Power, when my life was literally saved by a Spirit Guide called Morning Cloud.   I was only 7 years old and seriously ill in hospital with pneumonia.   My mum, had a spiritualist friend Florrie, who remotely sent Morning Cloud to heal me.  The story was that I made an unbelievable recovery, overnight ….nobody was in any doubt that the Gods had stepped in and the seed was sewn that we are really not alone.

Several years later, I went off to full time Drama School in England, to become an actress. I made very good friends with the only Tarot Reader in the school, Carrie.   She never went anywhere without her cards and consulted her deck for absolutely everything.  We all thought she was a little bit nuts, but to be honest, I was also very fascinated.  I actually ended up married for over 20 years to a Tarot Reader!   We went on numerous retreats to the amazing town of Glastonbury, had every type of spiritual reading and treatment going …. yet still, I didn’t even think to learn to read the cards myself!

Eventually, I found my way to my local Spiritualist Church.  The doors opened and beckoned me in.  To begin with, I just kept going for healing and then I engaged with the Spiritual Awareness Group.  I got involved with a lot of Spiritual Practices over several years. We did everything from Angel Cards to Mediumship, Balance Procedure, Colour and Flower Therapy, Orbs and a lot of meditation and working with unbiased channelling.  This really was, unconsciously paving the way for me to finally find the right tool for me to make the connection that I had been truly waiting for.     The church sometimes ran specialised events and I attended a one day Tarot Workshop.  It was like a lightening bolt had struck.   From that moment on I spent every spare moment studying the Tarot.

I bought and read a lot of books about the Tarot and found some favourite websites. I was systematically trying to really absorb the meanings of a card a day, and writing pages and pages of meanings for each card, extracting all sorts of information from different sources.  I was literally spending hours, gathering information and writing down other peoples’ various interpretations of the card meanings.

Now, I’m going to be honest, I have something of an advantage over a lot of other people. Because I’ve worked as an actress and stood on stages in front of literally thousands of people, and because I also work a lot (all the time) entertaining kids …. I am very outgoing, I’m a risk taker, I don’t mind looking stupid and I have a lot of confidence.    So much so, that I didn’t think twice about “auditioning” for a psychic hotline and I was more than happy to start making some money out of this newly found knowledge.

OMG, talk about throwing myself into the deep end!!    The hotlines are great, but they are also tough.   The time just ticks and you have to be super quick. There’s a lot of people just wanting general readings and yes/no answers and I’ve gotta be honest, it was VERY hit and miss.   I was way out of my comfort zone.

If only I’d discovered Dusty’s site first, I would have saved myself a lot of hard work and I would have been properly prepared for reading on the hotlines ….  I think the big breakthrough came when I discovered the world of Podcasts.     I learned so much when I was out walking the dog and just listening to all the lessons.  Dusty’s podcasts very quickly became my absolute favourite.   The amount of information, the analogies, the humour, the wisdom, the REALNESS .   I love the way it’s so spontaneous and earthy.   I felt so connected. This quickly led to the logical next step, I bought the White and Black books and signed up for the academy.

Within a few weeks, my understanding of the Tarot began to be so much clearer.   I joined the study groups (which are absolutely fantastic) and eventually became a Private Student with Dusty. Which has to be the best move I ever made and money so well spent.

The level of my readings on the hotlines became a totally different experience.  I not only felt in control, but I also felt so much more authentic, proud and justified in calling myself a professional Tarot reader.   I have a lot of regular clients on the hotline now and many amazing reviews.    Most importantly, I feel that my readings now flow.    It’s the same as when I’m entertaining …. The natural flow, the experience being organic, the channel being clear and the connection between me, the client, the card and the Gods being natural, in harmony and alive…… its exactly the same feeling as I get as an entertainer when the audience is totally with me.   I KNOW when it’s working and it’s absolutely magical.

As much as I genuinely enjoy doing the phone readings, nothing quite compares to doing real live Face to Face readings and being able to engage with the clients on an even stronger level.   I enjoy the clients actually SEEING the cards, I think that’s a big part of it and I like being able to finish off the readings properly, rather than having the time restriction that is unavoidable with the hotlines.    I decided to get more face to face clients and to go very, very public.      I didn’t want to be tucked away in a back room somewhere.   I thought where can I go where I am totally on display, where I will get known as THE TAROT READER in my city.    So I got myself a stall on the local market, right in the middle of Cambridge, the University Capital of the World!!!!  It is fantastic.  Nobody else is doing what I do and I’m loving every minute of it.  I even bought myself a trailer to put on the back of my bike, so I can cycle there (part of my losing weight manifestation).    Things have just taken off, I’ve also started to do Tarot Parties and Team Building events and I feel I can combine my theatrical and entertainment skills to my card readings and it’s really all coming together and I’m just loving it.

I would never be where I am now, if I hadn’t discovered Dusty and everything that he offers. I am currently helping out a lot with the podcasts (which I just love doing) and also I am actively involved with the study groups and making friends from all over the world, we all help each other and its amazing.  I am now learning astrology with Dusty and looking forward to being able to use it in conjunction with my Tarot readings.

I have no idea where my Tarot career is going to take me, it’s exciting, rewarding and full of surprises.

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