“The Empress of Wands”

Natascha has always been intent on helping people and making the world a beer place. She put that desire to work by first graduating from the top University in Germany with a Master’s degree in Geography, acquiring a 2nd degree in tourism. After a career in senior management and working in destinations around the globe, she decided to quit the game and step out of the matrix to pursue a more spiritual existence.

Her first steps were to study a variety of philosophies and religions, and examine “New Age concepts” with a critical eye. She had already become an initiate of the Tao, a Reiki practitioner, and a professional palmist before ever discovering the tarot. Studying furiously one winter she incorporated it into her practice and was immediately in demand by many clients, working markets, parties, and stands. This all went well for a time, but Natascha began to feel felt stagnant, as if she had reached a blockage. She wasn’t learning anything new, and could not find a teacher she liked. That is when the doubt monster set in and by the time she moved to Victoria (west coast Canada) her confidence was completely blown. Here, on open display there were “multi-generational psychic mediums” practically on every corner. Natascha tells us that she felt
inadequate against them and that forced her to step back from reading tarot.

But the tarot would not leave her alone, after about 2 years of unhappy abstinence Natascha started on “a quest to find the best tarot teacher on the planet—as she had graduated from the best university, and had studied under the best hypnotherapist in the country.” (Natascha’s exact words). She took our course and applied herself diligently, working occasionally with Dusty in private lessons where they created a manifestation to “make her tarot business pay for itself as a full-time gig.” That has come to pass in just two months (these are Natascha’s experiences and yours will almost certainly be different). Now she is the “Empress of Wands” on YouTube and her
helpful videos are getting rave reviews and a massive following. Natascha is proof-positive of ALL of our abilities (inherent to us) to take charge of our lives and be paid to do great things for the world. Below are Natascha’s unscripted (and unedited) words from the heart . . .

Natascha says:

“I dabbled with many authors, teachers, programs, and then hit the jackpot when I found Dusty White! I joined his online Tarot Academy, and was not disappointed! My desire to go really deep, truly understand and GET the tarot was rewarded. The depth of Dusty’s teachings are at the level of a University Master’s Degree. (Or even a PHD!). It’s truly the #1 tarot school out there, far ahead of the rest. The support in Dusty’s community, the study groups, the many free webinars, podcasts and tools is amazing and make me feel cared for.

After only a few months, I regained my confidence, and started a YouTube channel. Jackpot! The feedback was incredible! People really liked my general readings, they were accurate and resonated. My YouTube channel grew explosively. I now offer private readings to my YouTube viewers, and am able to make a full-time living from it. I am living my purpose and having so much fun at the same time. I’m evolving my channel into a spiritual space where different tools are offered to give guidance and enlightenment. Thank you Dusty for giving me my confidence and power back!”

At the time of this writing Natascha’s online presence is growing at rate that will replace her other income sources completely within the next two months. Natascha’s deep commitment to help others shines through her videos and part of the secret to her phenomenal successes in such a short time lies in her ability to apply previously-learned life lessons to her current enterprises.

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