Stacia used to read tarot cards “for beer money” as a passing entertainment when she went out to dive bars. Tarot was a lifelong hobby but she learned like most of us: reading various opinions by various authors in various books; and always feeling a bit disappointed that there was not more real-world substance. Over the years she got to
practice and get to understand the nature of the reader/client interaction of tarot readings, but her readings never progressed past the basic stage of telling people “what the cards said overall.”

In early 2012 Stacia started taking our courses in tarot and astrology. She was personally trained by Dusty in both disciplines and she invested in private lessons, to focus on all parts of the tarot—reading, reading professionally, and all of the advanced techniques she could enhance by using her tarot cards: dowsing, manifestation, brainstorming, spell work, art, and several other topics we teach in the academy. Over the past five years she has become an accomplished reader with a large following
and many private clients and also a tarot artist. Her manifestation skills have grown to such proportions that the results can best be described as “magical.”

Stacia has manifested a complete life transformation including a dream house in an enchanted forest with only a few weeks to find a residence in a new state after moving across the country, a new car (bought for her) within three days of her needing one, the perfect job—including promotions and pay raises and bonuses, and dozens of other wonderful life enhancements all through her enhanced skills with her cards. Stacia continues to work with us to assist new and existing students as part of her commitment to helping everyone who is serious about their studies.

Her real-life experiences make her a shining example and inspiration. She is “positive proof” that you can do this if you take full advantage of the resources we make available, and if you apply yourself.

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