Cats . . .
March 11, 2015

Cats and tarot cards go together like bread and butter—when you drop your bread on the floor and it lands butter side down. What is the magical attraction tarot cards have for our favorite furry friends? (Sorry Fido, this article is about cats.) Is it our staring at the spread that makes them curious about “all of the fun we are having” or maybe they figure as long as our attention is focused on one spot it might as well be the one they happen to be occupying. Perhaps that just like a nice sunbeam our spreads radiate some kind of warm glow they just want to bask in, and we are the ones in the way.

No matter the cause, I can’t keep my cat off of my cards. can you?


  1. Oh, I LOVE cats … I have 3 and I love them to bits! Great photo!

  2. Yes, this is a fabu pic, love how you made the tiles look like they have tarot cards on them. 🙂

  3. Silly Man! {{{Cheeky}}}
    Shy of a barricade (lock, door, wall, what-have-you)
    which a cat will eventually “burglar” anyway if indeed it has such a desire,
    can you KEEP a cat off of ANY thing, I mean, Really?! 😉

    And don’t try to be sneaky around a cat, because they smell, hear, and feel when you get the cards out, hence they will magically “appear’ from seemingly nowhere with a wanton ‘need’ to be just in the exact spot where you are placing your cards at that moment!

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but that’s my experience in the past 50 some years of cohabitating with the lovely beasts!

  4. Nice picture: the 10 of CATS?!

  5. Sorry to bring canines into a cat picture but this fantastic photo immediately took me back to this episode:

    I wonder what the serious decision you’re cats are taking is about 😀

  6. Hi kitty friends

    Is the one “scruffy cat” under the chair sitting on a Queen Of Wands image?!
    Maybe all other cards have an invisible cat soul too. Just like here the cards only reveal themselves when a cat engages with them.

    Cheers to cats and tarot!

  7. Brighter shade of pale
    Familiar to the pillow
    Rests shadow seer

    A Shi (Cat) ku

  8. Funny enough, my cat won’t ever touch my cards. I can leave a spread unattended with her coming no closer than a few inches to the cards. She’s strangely respectful of human decorum generally.

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