PBS Empires: Medici series is free!
April 1, 2015

Hey gang,

So I was just informed that the Medici series I have been recommending on Amazon (for tarot history) is FREE on Youtube (legally too!). Here are the four volumes, but the first two coincide with the birth and explosive popularity of the tarot in Italy. Also, the Medicis were totally cool. See if you can count how many of the world’s most famous artists YOU have heard of that they personally groomed, trained, and sponsored.

Episode 1: Birth of a Dynasty

Episode 2: The Magnificent Medici

Episode 3: The Medici Pope

Episode 4: Power vs. Truth

So, what did you think? And have you been studying your tarot history? Note: These videos will also be accessible on Waite-Smith.com

  1. This 4-part series (Season 4) on the Medici is also available for streaming on Amazon.com for free, if you’re an Amazon Prime member. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002R9NJMS?ref_=atv_dp_season_select_s4. Unfortunately, Netflix only has it available on disks.

  2. Definitely adding it to my to-do list.

  3. I’ll be watching tonight & tomorrow. Thanks!

  4. Thank you so much Dusty, for posting this fascinating series, I’ve seen some of this before. I’m so happy to be able to see it all here. Last night I stayed up much too late and watched the first two parts.

    The Medici’s family and their dedication to developing artists is fantastic. There were so many geniuses in one place it’s beyond belief, the sheer vision and thought put into these amazing creations of every kind. No wonder so many extremely talented people went a bit crazy, their poor heads were so full of ideas it must have been frustrating to try and express themselves to people that could never hope to understand them, except for the Medici family very unique people and shrewd in business. Leah

  5. I had this bookmarked on my Amazon account, but didn’t realize it was free with Prime. Excellent news!

  6. What a great history lesson. I did a marathon and it’s late for me but it was very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I was interested in watching the videos when you initially mentioned them but couldn’t get them. Thanks for linking this.

  8. Hi, I am on week 2 and loving all infact WOW! I am totally amazed! I heard you mentioning The Medici in tarot history lesson (wk1) After studying my lessons and nosing about on all the tabs in here today I found the videos posted here…. I have just watched 3 and unfortunately the 4th I can’t view??? Oh what an eye opener those 3 were though, I seen tarot references right through and in a way history being repeated ( burning books) and how shrewd and clever in their forward thinking placing people! I am now left itching to see the 4th part ….. unfortunately I do not have prime and limited funds so, hopefully I will track down someone with prime and beg lol or wait for amazon to offer prime free on a deal EEK!

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