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July 13, 2015

Hey everybody. I screwed up (again?). Last week we had no bonus video because it seemed that the old course lessons (the entire course that I am giving away free as a $400 bonus to all of my tarot academy students) did not match up. Upon reflection it occurred to me that last week we should have had TWO bonus videos.

So I decided to make the second of these two extra lessons visible to the “free lessons” mailing list for a short time. This is a full TWO HOUR course lesson (the real stuff), not a public webinar, and not a two-minute tarot tip. It is also one of the first Advanced Tarot Secrets lessons. So, if you are NOT enrolled in the course (just ten bucks a week – which is cheaper than you will find anywhere locally) here is a real-world example of what you are missing out on. No sales pitches – no gimmicks. Just mea culpa:

This is a special SECOND bonus video lesson for week 15. Due to the nature of the differences between teaching a 10-week insanity tarot boot camp, and a ten-month course that allows you to have a life (and get some actual practice in) the course videos will not always sync up perfectly, so some week’s lessons will cover different topics. This is an example of that. You don’t have to watch these bonus lessons if you are pressed for time, as we cover EVERYTHING in the normal course; but if you have the time, and desire, these extra video lessons really help you understand everything the tarot can do for you. These exercises are from Advanced Tarot Secrets. Here is the video lesson:

Bonus lesson 18: ATS exercises. Call your card, Card at the end of the day, Compare and Contrast, Art versus Art

You can see BOTH of last week’s bonus videos (if you are in week 15 or later), and this week’s bonus video by clicking on the BONUS link or VIDEO link, like normal, and scrolling down to Week 15 (and Week 16) videos.

Or, you can just watch the second video right here, right now.


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