Why learn Tarot from us?
July 19, 2015

Free video tarot lesson

New fun tarot games (Friends and Enemies, and a few variations, and some extras)

“Why should you learn tarot from me?” What can I teach you, and how can my methods be any different, or better, than the hundreds of tarot books written every year, and the thousands of other authors or local teachers? And exactly WHAT do you get for ten dollars per week of lessons if you do sign up for our tarot academy?

Below is the answer. This video speaks for itself. It is two and a half hours of live interactive video instruction in a virtual classroom environment. You can sit back and watch my students and I interact, as I teach them the tarot. This is what I do, and you can have access to ALL of the video recordings from TWO courses I have taught, for less than the price of one.

This course below was $25 a week and packed to standing room only levels. I teach you things no one else ever will (this video below is one of over 80 full length video lessons you can have access to if you like), and I make it fun. I have no patience for quitters, and for anyone who wants instant “magical powers” because they picked up a deck of cards or read an ebook that promises to teach them the tarot in 5-10 minutes. Those are all a waste of money anyway. I teach real professionals. I want you to become a real professional, and I give away more free live audio and video tarot lessons than anyone in history. I hope you will take advantage of these lessons and improve your skills, because the last thing the world needs is yet another amateur fortune teller make the rest of us look like liars,m thieves, and idiots.

If you are serious about your future please check out the free lesson below. If you like what you see, the course is ten dollars a week, and you get access to our secret community of well-trained readers. I sincerely hope to see you there. We are here to help you.


Oh yeah, here is the link if you want to register for school

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