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Millions of people all over the world have already found out that learning the tarot can be challenging. We are here to help. The book (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!) Was written to help as many people as possible quickly and easily master the art of reading cards.

But sometimes you need some extra help. We are here to help you learn in any way we can, including highly affordable interactive training; just you and the teacher, focusing on YOUR NEEDS. Please take a moment and look over your options.

Thanks for being here.

The whole point of making time for you  is to make it as stress-free as possible. I will do my best to take your calls at your schedule.

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The best way to learn the tarot is to have a competent, caring, professional tarot teacher guiding you along your path at your own pace.  Good teacher can understand not just where you are on the path but what is stopping you from making progress quickly. They can shape your lessons so that you can learn more easily and quickly, retaining the information much more reliably. We constantly hear from students how frustrated they were trying to learn the tarot “the traditional way” with tedious memorizations and boring explanations of what cards indicate. You can learn a lot just by signing up for the free lessons. Combine those lessons with the book  and you will become a better reader than most people. But if you want to create memories that will last a lifetime and develop a skill that can pay your rent,  as well as make you fun at parties and able to take complete control of your future, you should expend the effort to secure a REAL tarot teacher. If you can’t find one locally to your liking, try us out for a few weeks. Our teaching is guaranteed.

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If you are ready to invest a few extra dollars into really learning the tarot quickly and you would like one-on-one individualized attention then let’s get to it. The cost is $140 and you will be able to log in to PayPal or simply pay with any major bank card. I will be notified by email that you have sent money and we can start whenever you want. You will get one week of full email support and one hour of on the phone time with me via Skype instructing you on the exercises and helping you with exactly what it is that you need to master the tarot quickly and easily. If you decide at the end of the week to continue your education you can simply pay-as-you go with no interest fees, contracts, or catches.

The only reason I can offer classes at all, more over the fact that I am charging LESS than you can find from a local teacher is that there is a small window of time where I am completing a project that has spanned  years and is a complete and total re-envisioning of the tarot. I am at a point in this time where I need to build up a small cadre of personally trained students who know the tarot and can teach it to others, and possibly become teachers of the new deck once it is released to the public.

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Booked solid


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Student testimonials . . .

(All testimonials can be verified at the Advanced Tarot Secrets forums)

“When we started our first group lesson, I didn’t know what to expect. But I know that I will be learning something valuable at the end of every session. Dusty encourages individual participation, and makes everyone feel comfortable and at home. As our class progressed each week, we became a family. As a family, we are encouraged to work together or become “tarot buddies” after class.

Dusty gives explanations and meaningful descriptions for each card. He does not want anyone to get stuck with the basic meanings of each card, although he emphasizes clearly that understanding the basics is fundamental, and this is very true in any field of study. Our individual participation allows us to build better communication between Dusty (our mentor) and co-apprentice. It allows Dusty to know our strengths and weaknesses. I always like knowing my progress so I know which area to improve or which cards to focus more. And this is another thing that is good about this class – Dusty makes you realize your own potentials and what you can do to improve or strengthen it.

Each week we learn new ways to look at cards, visualize characters, feel the emotions and energies that we gather from each card, and later translate this into a meaningful idea that makes sense. Our participation during group lesson is important and preferred, but not mandatory as Dusty understands that sometimes we can’t help feel the pressure, or that sometimes we just go blank. This class is non-judgmental. I do feel the pressure during the first few lessons, but I am passed that now. If I don’t see anything in the cards, I just say it and no one judges me wrongly for that. We have studied different spreads, techniques and patterns, how to connect each card with the other cards and what the cards are really telling you, and strategies on how to handle difficult or challenging clients. His goal is to make us great readers so he wants us to be able to give accurate, confident, and sensible readings to clients, and let us know how to handle situations when the cards don’t make sense or when we could not get anything from the spread. Dusty encourages everyone to speak and ask questions and he makes sure that he answers them fully before the class ends.

During my one-on-one session with him, we have studied the cards that most of the time I get confused with. He explains it in a detailed manner by way of examples and simplifies things for me. If there is anything that is tarot or non-tarot related but I consider important part of my learning process, he sure gives me insights (or validations) or explanations to my questions. We did a Roundabout Spread and I was so pleased with how well he has helped me put together what he sees in the cards; this has allowed me to peek into my future and lets me know what I need to do in order to get where I need to be. Isn’t that fantastic! He also spends extra hours during group and one-on-one sessions to make sure that we get all the help that we need. Our apprenticeship is not done yet and I have learned many things already especially on following my spiritual path! Looking forward to the next classes!

You definitely get more for the amount you have paid for! If he thought of doing a second apprentice class, this will be worth your while! This is a very good class for both beginners and advanced. His book is a wealth of knowledge and the title “The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot – Ever!” speaks for itself. It will be good to have the book handy during each class, but once you get used to Dusty’s style, you can attend his class with just your deck of cards! Dusty is very is passionate about sharing his talents and knowledge with his students. He is so down-to-earth!”          - Bobby

* * *

I signed up for Dusty's apprenticeship class and am absolutely loving it! I've had 3 one-on-one sessions with Dusty now, and every time, it just blows me away how he can really dig into the nuances and aspects of the tarot that are unique, and he puts his heart and soul into ensuring that you understand and know what he's talking about.

My sessions and the online classes with Dusty remind me and helps to affirm that his class was meant for me. Without going into too much detail, there were several clues and instances that served as affirmations that I am meant to be in Dusty's class because of his in depth knowledge and experience with not only the tarot in general, but with the spiritual path that I am likewise taking.

From the bottom of my heart.… Thank you Dusty for being the person that you are!          - Rachel

* * *

Rachel, I am also an apprentice and agree with you 150 percent!          - Jean

* * *

I had an individual lesson with Dusty and it was so much fun! He really knew what to try and focus me on to get me over my particular Achilles heel (seeing the straightforward tarot msgs as opposed to the more esoteric ones). It was great! I can't wait until the new deck comes out...          - Dana

* * *

Dusty is an awesome person to talk to with our one-on-one calls. Even though I was really stressed out before them everything worked out fine. I think for me at least it was all about finding my comfort zone. There really isn't anything to be scared or anxious about. Dusty is a wonderful, patient teacher who is really dedicated to help you learn. I also had an astrological chat with Dusty and it showed me why I do the things I do. Things made sense to me and I've never looked into astrology before. The group lessons are coming along. I think we as a group just need to become more comfortable for things to really start to pop. And it will happen I have no doubt about that. After all it is only our 2nd week doing this. If anyone out there needs some help call Dusty as he makes things so easy to understand and you find yourself saying "oh, that's how to do it" and you learn so much. Thank you Dusty!          - Trudy

* * *

I just started a few days ago and haven't gotten through all the exercises yet but I find that I work harder at learning if I pull a couple cards in relation to things going on in my life (I have found some very interesting answers) but I know how important it is to continue with the exercises because the intuition and imagery that comes to your mind is freer when you work them like Dusty instructs. Wish me well!          - Pamela

* * *

First I want to say Thank You Dusty, your wonderful.

A year ago I bought Dusty's book and began to study his way. I felt as though I got permission not to have to pay attention to all the hocus pocus, and all the fake rules. I finally had permission to use my own intuition. I took all the other tarot books I had and threw them in the closet. I love, love, love Dusty's book. It is easiest way to study the tarot with lots of lessons and pictures. I also like the fact that it's a large book. AND ITS FUN!!

Dusty's private lessons are so WORTH IT. If you are into the tarot, or want to be, the $25.00 a week is cheap for private lessons. It is the best deal you could ever ask for, and he wont do it forever. He is a master at his craft and he is giving his services away because of his passion to teach what he loves. THANK GOD!

I had my second private lesson with him on Thurs evening. He puts heart and soul into his training, he goes above and beyond. He always ask what I want to learn, or what problems I need to work on, and he doesn't forget. He also gave me my first real Tarot reading, (Celtic Cross) It was amazing  I can see why he is and will be so successful. His reading was right on from the very first card. I hope to learn everything I can from him. He encouraged me to start to practice my own readings. He is very good at motivating. He does have that six sense to where your heart is.

I did my first reading Friday, I have to admit, it has been a long time since I tried to read for anyone. I was a little scared. Well It was awesome, it just flowed. I was able to tell her exactly what she wanted to know. Oh my God, the cards were so friendly to me and I never got stuck, not even for a second. She was thrilled with the final out come. It confirmed how she was really felt in her heart. She later send a text to thank me and said I was a natural. Yeah!! I still get confused with the court cards a little, I am still trying to get to know them better, but I will, I have the help of the master. HE, HE, HE.

Thanks again Dusty.           - Saika

* * *

Today I had my first telephone tarot lesson with Dusty. When I signed up to do a lesson with him, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d been having some trouble with some of the meanings of the cards, particularly the major arcana, since they appear later in Dusty’s book. I had enthusiastically completed all the exercises around the minor arcana in The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot—Ever!!, and then experienced some ennui and didn’t really feel like doing the same exercises around the major arcana. I also felt I needed more insight into the Celtic Cross spread. I had done few of them and found myself confused and overwhelmed by the number of cards in the spread. I preferred a shorter three-card spread with the option of “opening up” the cards I needed to clarify.

When Dusty asked me what I wanted to focus on, I decided to focus on some of the card meanings, since I thought we wouldn’t also have time to discuss the Celtic cross. I then selected specific pairs and groups of cards and shared those in an email before our session. Imagine my surprise when at the beginning of our session Dusty started talking about the Celtic Cross spread! I don’t know if Dusty truly is psychic or if the universe was handing me what I really needed at that time. That discussion brought me to a whole new level of awareness of the Celtic Cross. Dusty explained to me how I could break up that spread into a series of “mini-readings,” making it more manageable, and at the same time describing how I could then incorporate the other cards, giving me some specific examples of how this might happen.

Then Dusty started discussing the various major arcana cards. He covered most of them, some in depth, and he was very knowledgeable, giving me some valuable historical background and helping me discover some symbolism and similarities in the cards that I hadn’t noticed before. I enjoyed the discussion of The World the most. Even though the Tarot appears to be sexist in its presentation of various people and their societal roles, The World presents the image of a woman in this card and Dusty pointed out that this woman represents the highest level of human/spiritual development in the deck. This made sense to me, since the World is the last card and the end of the Fool’s journey.

If you have a session with Dusty, I would highly recommend that you have a copy of the Rider Waite deck spread out before you and another working deck in your hands to play with if he asks you to pull some cards. I actually already had a tiny deck pinned onto a bulletin board, as Dusty had recommended on p. 40 of his book. I was able to easily refer to the deck without taking up precious time, turning the pages of a book or shuffling cards.

I also recommend that you have his book handy in case you need to refer to something. I actually quickly turned to page 80 in his book to refer to the Celtic Cross spread, since I’m relatively inexperienced with that spread. I needed to look at the spread and what each position refers to as he talked about it. Also before you call him, be sure and decide what you need help with and it wouldn’t hurt to have some specific questions. Don’t be surprised though “if you try sometime, you just might find, you get what you need,” just like I did.

As an aside, you gotta love a book that uses double exclamation marks in the title. I discovered though, that Dusty talks like you would expect him to based on that title. He's definitely enthusiastic about tarot. Be sure and leave plenty of time for your session with Dusty. Dusty loves the tarot and loves to talk and I loved listening to him! We ran over the scheduled time and I believe we only stopped because my husband came home from work and Dusty needed a sandwich.

Having had this session, I plan to try to incorporate some of this knowledge into my own practice of tarot for a bit. I want to do more reading in his book and other books as well and then I would definitely like to pay for another session. If you are looking for more knowledge or perhaps a boost in your progress, whether you are studying alone or not, I can definitely recommend a personal phone session with Dusty.

PS. If you haven't already, be sure and listen to Dusty's recent podcast about the court cards. It's extremely valuable.

          - Sofia

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